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Now your business can have the power of instant, two-way radio communication without compromising your style.

With its slim, lightweight design, the MOTOTRBO SL3500e portable two-way radio is stylish and discreet. It blends seamlessly with professional attire, allowing you to move freely. At the same time, it's durable and built to last.

Get quick access to key radio functions along with information at a glance. Connect discreetly to Bluetooth® earpieces and sensors. Access Wi-Fi networks for over-the-air software updates. And use the SL3500e on trunking systems that support both data and voice.

Frequency Band:

Frequency Range:
VHF - 136 - 174 MHz;
UHF - 403 - 470 MHz

Power Output:
High Power Output (Digital) 3 W
High Power Output (Analog) 2 W

Number of Channels/Groups/Zones:
128 Channels

Standard battery chemistry type:
Lithium Ion

Battery life (based on a 5-5-90 duty cycle):
13.5 / 11 hrs

Channel spacing:
12.5, 25kHz

Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)
125.7 x 55.0 x 22.7 mm

Weight (with standard battery)

Keypad / Keys


Operating temperature
-22 F to 140 F (-30 C to +60 C)

Mil spec
810 D 810 E

IP Standards

Suits your style
The SL3500e portable two-way radio gives you instant communication—without the bulky look and feel of a traditional radio. At just 23mm, it fits easily in your hand, or discreetly in a suit jacket or pants pocket. At only 6.7oz (190g), you can move freely and comfortably without being weighed down. Sleek and attractive, the SL3500e blends with business attire and enhances your professional look.

Over-the-air updates
With built-in Wi-Fi, the SL3500e can be updated over the air. Instead of programming devices one by one, IT managers can save valuable time by sending updates to the entire fleet.

Discreet productivity
Focus on your customers, not your device. With a virtual keypad and display, the SL3500e gives you a fast and easy way to navigate functions and receive information at a glance.

Ready for more
The SL3500e supports conventional operation for single sites and IP Site Connect so you can link multiple locations into a single network. Or scale up to Capacity Plus for higher call capacity thanks to the efficient channel and spectrum usage of MOTOTRBO trunking.

Talk hands-free
Maintain a smart, organized appearance. The SL3500e connects with wireless accessories such as Bluetooth® earpieces and sensors, allowing you to keep your radio out of sight—but not out of touch.


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MOTOTRBO SL3500e: Instant Communication, Professional Style

Now your business can have the power of instant, two-way radio communication without compromising your style.

Communications are Evolving: Next-Generation MOTOTRBO Two-way Radios

From the production line to the power line, MOTOTRBO radios are helping people work more efficiently, productively and safely. MOTOTRBO delivers game-changing advantages along with business-essential systems, applications and accessories.


UHF Antennas

Motorola PMAE4093


UHF Stubby Antenna (403-425 MHz), 4.5 cm

Motorola PMAE4094


UHF Stubby Antenna (420-445 MHz), 4.5 cm

Motorola PMAE4095


UHF Stubby Antenna (435-470 MHz), 4.5 cm

VHF Antennas

Motorola PMAD4144


VHF Stubby Antenna (136-144 MHz), 5 cm

Motorola PMAD4145


VHF Stubby Antenna (144-156 MHz), 5 cm

Motorola PMAD4146


VHF Stubby Antenna (156-174 MHz), 5 cm

Motorola Original® Two-Way Radio Batteries

Motorola PMNN4468


BT100x Li-Ion 2200 mAh battery

Motorola PMLN7074


Replacement Battery Cover

Motorola PMLN7190


Carry Holster with Swivel Belt Clip

Motorola PMLN7128


Heavy-Duty Swivel Belt Clip

Motorola PMLN6074


Nylon Wrist Strap

Motorola PMLN7076


Flexible Quick Release Hand Strap

Motorola HLN9985


Waterproof Bag with large strap for securely carrying Motorola two-way radios

Image Not Available


Micro-USB Single-Unit Rapid Rate 5V/1A, Plug-In Power Supply, 5W, 100V-240V (US plug)

Motorola PMLN7101


Six-Pocket Multi-Unit Rapid Rate Charger, 90V-264V (US plug)

Motorola PMLN7109


Single-Unit Rapid Rate Charger 5V/1A, 5W, 100V-240V (US Plug)

Image Not Available


Micro USB Programming Cable

Surveillance Accessories and Earpieces

Motorola PMLN7157


2-Wire Surveillance Kit with translucent tube, black

Motorola PMLN7158


1-Wire Surveillance Kit with in-line microphone and push-to-talk, black

Earpieces & Mag One™ Accessories

Motorola PMLN7189


Swivel Earpiece with in-line microphone and push-to-talk

Motorola PMLN7156


Mag One Earbud with in-line microphone and push-to-talk

Motorola PMLN7159


Adjustable D-style earpiece with in-line microphone and push-to-talk, black

The Motorola SL3500e Series is available in the following models.

  • AAH88JCD9SA2AN 136 - 174 MHz VHF, 0.5-3 Watts, 128 Channels
  • AAH88YCD9SA2AN 403 - 470 MHz UHF, 0.5-3 Watts, 128 Channels