The SOLiD Story

For more than twenty years, SOLiD’s innovative distributed antenna systems (DAS) have extended cellular network coverage into the world’s best-known and most challenging venues. The importance of reliable in-building mobile coverage is hard to overstate.

Mobile devices enable practically everything we do in our business and personal lives. And since 80% of cellular calls originate inside buildings, in-building mobile coverage is considered the fourth utility, as important as electricity, water, and HVAC.

SOLiD Innovation

Since the 1990s, SOLiD has enabled some of the world’s earliest deployments of 3G, 4G, and 5G. SOLiD’s global deployments include ALLIANCE and GENESIS DAS, RocketWAVE 5G Repeaters, WDM Optical Transport, IoT, and O-RAN solutions.

SOLiD ALLIANCE offers the most end-point options of any DAS, providing maximum system design flexibility. Unified by a common head-end, our wide range of remote power options can meet the unique requirements in your building.

  • Fiber2Antenna sub-1W edgeROU
  • 2W N2ROU
  • 2W Public Safety PS2ROU
  • 5W MROU
  • 20W/40W HROU
  • 5/20W MPROU

To extend the life of your investment, SOLiD ALLIANCE is a modular and scalable platform that allows you to add bands in the future, reducing costly rip-and-replace scenarios.

SOLiD Partners

Reliable in-building wireless connectivity starts with a venue and always involves mobile network operators (MNO) and the SOLiD distributed antenna system. It also frequently includes one or more of the following: third party operator (3PO), value-added reseller (VAR)/system integrator (SI), and enterprises. SOLiD partners with the best companies to help you achieve your goals.